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ESA Awards CARES Project to Leaf Space for Covid-19 Patient Remote Monitoring

NOVEMBER 2020 – Leaf Space has been selected by the European Space Agency (ESA) Business Application programme under ESA’s Space Solution umbrella, for its innovative CARES project proposal, involving the use of telemedicine via satellite for home monitoring of patients with COVID-19. Leaf Space, an innovative Italian SME in the world of the New Space […]

Leaf Space Doubles its Capacity at Puertollano Teleport with a New GS

OCTOBER 2020 – A new ground station has been deployed and activated at Leaf Space’s reliable partner teleport Deimos, in Puertollano, Spain! The brand new ground station has been installed at the site given the growing capacity request for passes over this area, in parallel with the activation of our customer Astrocast’s mission using the […]

Leaf Line Expands With a New GS in Santa Maria, Azores

AUGUST 2020 – We’ve started our global implementation operations once again, despite the complex sitaution, and got a new proprietary GS up and running in the Azores! The new ground station will be part of our worldwide distributed ground station network, Leaf Line, capable of providing ground segment services to multiple New Space satellite operators.  […]

Leaf Space partners with CYSEC to offer end-to-end cyber security protection for satellite communications

AUGUST 2020 – Leaf Space, an Italian company providing ground segment services for smallsats has signed an MoU consolidating a partnership agreement with CYSEC, a Swiss cybersecurity company, to offer end-to-end cyber security protection for satellite communications. Small satellites with a size ranging from a shoebox to the size of a washing machine are revolutionizing […]

Smallspark Space Systems and Leaf Space enter agreement to offer cutting edge ground station services to the UK

JULY 2020 – Cardiff-based aerospace company Smallspark Space Systems has entered into an exciting agreement with Leaf Space, an Italian provider of ground segment services to satellite operators and launchers, to bring cutting edge ground station services to UK Government and private sector clients. Smallspark and Leaf Space plan for a partnership to deliver joint […]

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