Leaf Track


Fully-managed, Launch Vehicle Tracking as-a-Service with real-time
autotrack and Telemetry reception deployed on-demand with additional support from worldwide distributed Leaf Line network.

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Leaf Track Around The World

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Auto-Track GSs


Slave-Track GSs


Launch Campaign

Data Flow

Receive Real-Time telemetry from all the GSs involved in a launch campaign as soon as the signal is locked and through a single interface. Enjoy high level of automation so that you can focus on what matters most: your operations.

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Worldwide Support

  • Dedicated GS deployed on need
  • Downrange coverage through Leaf Line GSs

baseband Compatibility

  • Full CCSDS support
  • IRIG-106
  • Proprietary & Custom Protocols

Tracking Capability

  • Auto-Track at launch site
  • Slave-Track or Program Track at downrange
  • Proprietary & Custom Protocols

Telemetry Delivery Latency

  • < 400 ms


  • Send us your mission details
  • Select the most suited GSs
  • Verify RF compatibility with our Ground Station Emulator (GSE)
  • We set up the Ground Station Network for you
  • Track your Launch Vehicle through Leaf Track


Subscription model

  • Fee per launch campaign depending on GS number and type
  • Volume discount dependent on launch rate

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