3 Agosto 2017

Simple access to space data, Leaf Space partners with Solenix

JULY 2017 – With the purpose of delivering a simpler experience and a more complete service to their customers, Solenix GmbH and Leaf Space Srl are announcing a partnership that will result in the seamless integration between Solenix’s mission control system and Leaf Space’s ground segment services.

Among other software products and services, Solenix develops and offers Elveti, a lightweight, flight-proven mission control system for decoding and visualising telemetry data from satellites as well as generating telecommands. Leaf Space, on the other hand, operates Leaf Line, a ground segment as a service capable of bringing satellite data to ground with low latency.

In this context, both companies are committed to delivering services tailored to nano, micro and small satellites, in terms of affordability and ease of use. The combination of Elveti and Leaf Line will allow satellite operators to perform their daily activities more easily and with consistent effort savings, by getting their data from the Leaf Life service directly into the Elveti software.

“We believe Elveti is a great plus for Leaf Line: all the operators who are not willing to develop their own mission control software connected to our API, will have the option to simply choose Elveti, taking advantage of a proven technology that is being improved continuously ” says Giovanni Pandolfi, CTO of Leaf Space.
“Leaf Space’s services are an ideal complement to Elveti, bridging the gap between our mission control system and the satellites of our customers. The combination of both will truly let our customers focus on their space assets and added value.” says Yann Voumard, Head of Products at Solenix.

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